Breast cancer study shows radiation cuts
recurrence, ups survival

By David W Freeman

(CBS) Does radiation really benefit breast cancer patients? New research shows that women who receive radiation after undergoing lumpectomy live longer and are less likely to experience a recurrence of cancer.

Researchers analyzed the results of several studies involving nearly 11,000 breast cancer patients who had undergone "breast-conserving" surgery (rather than mastectomy) and found that post-operative radiation reduced the risk for recurrence over the next decade from 35 percent to 19 percent. Click Here to read more...



Feria Del Nopal 2011

Dr. Thropay and BOI are excited to announce they are working on a book
of recipes centered around the nopal. Studies have shown that there is
an agent in the nopal that actually contributes to slowing the groth of
ovarian cancer.

More info to come soon!

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