Prescription Discount Services: Quality of life is First

Medications that greatly aid cancer patients during treatment may sometimes be very expensive and difficult to find. BOI's patients are eligible for prescription discount services and all others should speak to their doctors for assistance. BOI maintains a program sponsored by several pharmaceutical companies that provide free prescription medications under the patient assistance program. Each pharmaceutical company determines the eligibility criteria for their program. Most requirements are based on income. Eligibility criteria and application process vary depending on the company. It may be as simple as filling out an application with basic information to completing a two-page application, providing proof of income (check stubs, income tax returns, etc), and your doctor writing a letter certifying the medical necessity of the prescription and financial burden of affording medication. Some companies require the applicant be a U.S. resident, others may help with a deductible or co-payment the patient is unable to cover.

BOI patients who would like to benefit from this service are asked to speak with their BOI staff contact. Your staff contact will research the medication that is prescribed by your doctor and call the pharmaceutical companies to verify qualification for the assistance program. All doctors are able to provide you with information on prescription discount services and requirements for the program. At BOI, we seek to service patient needs in every way we can.

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