BCEDP: Breast Cancer Early Detection Programs

BOI is creating access to early breast cancer detection programs.  The California Department of Health Services’ Cancer Detection Section (CDS) administers the comprehensive Cancer Detection Programs: Every Woman Counts. This program, implemented October 1, 2002, incorporates health education; outreach activities, clinical services, and patient care management that provides women with necessary breast and cervical cancer screenings and follow-ups, at no cost to eligible women. Qualification for this program is based on a Primary Care Provider’s certification that a recipient is uninsured or underinsured based on the recipient’s disclosure, is over the age of 40, satisfies the income criteria, and lives in California. 

For women who qualify, Cancer Detection Programs: Every Women Counts, provides the following services at no cost:

1) A Clinical breast examination,
2) A Mammogram,
3) Diagnostic tests, if indicated. 

Beverly Oncology and Imaging (BOI), a Medi-Cal licensed facility, is a strong advocate for the Every Woman Counts program.  BOI provides patients with the highest quality care

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