Transportation: Helping You Keep Your Appointments

Beverly Oncology and Imaging provides transportation to and from all BOI Locations in Los Angeles and Orange County for patients in the area who qualify.  Upon pick up, BOI drivers safely assist you from your home into one of BOI’s vehicles, secure you in the vehicle, and drive you to your appointment.  Our drivers are knowledgeable in securing wheelchairs and gurneys into our company vans for your safety and comfort.

For those who qualify; service is offered as a courtesy to our patients, as we know it is difficult for many of our patients to arrange transportation otherwise.  Aiding our patients in keeping appointments helps maintain their treatment plans, which is a crucial part of success in battling cancer.  BOI's transportation is FREE OF CHARGE for our patients.

The development of our Transportation Department evidences BOI’s commitment to you and your family’s cancer treatment success.  Please call and make an appointment today for a consultation and have BOI pick you up. To schedule your pick up, simply choose the Location of your appointment and call to speak with a BOI representative.  You will receive a phone call verifying your request at least one hour before your pick up.

Please call your treatment office to see if you qualify for our transportation service.

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