Early Diagnosis To Protect Your Health

Beverly Oncology and Imaging includes an in house imaging center. We are equipped with technology for ultrasounds, CT scans, an open bore MRI, and whole body scans in order to advocate patient well-being. This department assists in detecting and diagnosing cancerous masses for therapeutic purposes in our oncology department. Offering internal imaging services permits patients to access the maximum convenience and quality of care. Imaging services are offered both for BOI's patients fighting cancer and others throughout the community. All are encouraged to investigate the benefits of our imaging division as a disease prevention tool, especially those who are high risk. High risk patients include, but are not limited to those have cancer or heart disease in their family, smoke, or live with a person who smokes daily and are over 40 years of age. Please speak to your doctor or call Beverly Oncology and Imaging to assess your potential health risks.

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