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If you need assistance in receiving coverage for a mammogram please click BCEDP and see if you qualify.
The latest brachytherapy for the treatment of breast cancer is now available.  Unlike previous methods of brachytherapy, MammoSite® RTS is an innovative, advanced, and a modestly invasive treatment. This form of internal radiation therapy is commonly used with breast cancer patients subsequent to a lumpectomy. The entire procedure can be completed within a five-day period, and is typically done through an outpatient program.
About the Treatment
Like in other types of advanced brachytherapy, radioactive seeds are inserted into the body in close proximity to the cancerous cells that remain after surgery. The MammoSite® RTS is the small balloon catheter that is inserted into the area of the breast where the lumpectomy was performed. The radioactive seed is attached to an afterloader machine and positioned inside the balloon, releasing the necessary radiation throughout the procedure. Throughout each therapy session, radiation is focused on the region of the breast that is at the greatest risk for post-operative tumor growth.
Patients eligible for this treatment can have drastically shorter treatment duration.  Those patients who do not use the MammoSite® RTS in conjunction with surgery, undergo two therapy sessions every day throughout the one to five day treatment period. The MammoSite® RTS can also be a “boost therapy” in combination with external beam radiation to provide added protection against the cancerous cells.
It has yet to be determined whether the MammoSite® RTS is a safe and viable alternative to full breast radiation therapy in the treatment of breast cancer patients. Currently not every patient is a candidate for MammoSite® RTS. Early detection is key for all cancer.  Breast cancer can be detected early with regular mammograms.  Please speak to your doctor about scheduling a mammogram.  If you do not have a doctor or lack insurance to receive a mammogram please call us and see if you qualify for the BCEDP (Breast Cancer early detection program) program so together we can work to protect your health. 
Please contact us or visit Beverly Oncology and Imaging (BOI) where we make our best effort to individually assess your needs, and strive to provide you with superior care.

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