External Beam: Optimal Results in treatment planning

What is external beam radiation therapy?
BOI offers many different options for external beam radiation.  A beam of radiation is emitted directly to the cancer site from a machine called a linear accelerator.  All external radiation treatments use a linear accelerator to administer the targeted beam to the treatment site.  How the beam of radiation is used and how its course is decided greatly affects the outcome of your cancer care results.  That is why BOI uses the latest technology and the brightest of minds to determine your treatment planning.  Accuracy of the beam is determined by how much non-cancerous healthy tissue is kept undamaged.  Depending on the type of cancer, the time of detection, and various other health factors, the type of external beam used will be selected for optimal results.
Diverse Range of Treatment Equipment
BOI makes substantial investments in technologically advanced treatment equipment to ensure the greatest amount of accuracy.  We offer conventional radiation, 3D computerized treatment planning systems with CT Scanners and BAT ultrasound technology, and 3D IMRT.   Moreover, we possess five linear accelerators for treatment of deep and superficial tumors. Also, our Strontium - 90 eye plaque applicator treats various types of Pterygium.
We remain committed to excellence through innovation, clinical skill, technology, and professional management with our only focus being to significantly restore the health of our patients.

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