BAT: Image Guided Radiation Therapy Using Ultrasound

What is B-mode Acquisition and Targeting?
BAT (B-mode Acquisition and Targeting) is an ultra sound-based targeting system used with IMRT and external beam radiation, to precisely localize targets. To accomplish great precision it uses technologies of 3-D computer imaging, a sophisticated linear accelerator alignment and delivery system, and advanced ULTRASOUND technology.  BAT is useful for prostate cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, and bladder cancer.
Advanced computer imaging software is used to create a 3-dimensional model of your prostate, which allows your radiation oncologist to size, shape, and sculpt a matching cloud of intense radiation.  A multi-leaf collimator (MLC), which consists of multiple, computer controlled, finger-like leaves, delivers the custom shaped radiation beams. With the BAT, precise patient position is determined maintaining accuracy by adjusting for any changes or movement in the cancerous target.  The MLC is attached to the linear accelerator, which rotates around you, changing and adjusting the beam shapes and intensity while remaining perfectly aligned with your body.  The actual daily radiation treatment lasts only fifteen to twenty minutes. 

BOI uses the latest cancer treatment technology to provide the most effective treatment with far fewer side effects.  By combining three technologies into one system, BAT is used to deliver higher doses of radiation directly to the tumor.  This state of the art technology helps minimize the side effects and complications of radiation therapy due to great accuracy of beam shaping and patient positioning.  For example, without BAT the prostate gland can be very difficult to pinpoint, because it can move at least half an inch in various directions within the pelvis.  Using BAT allows pinpoint accuracy even with a moving target. 

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